Tuesday, 13 September 2016

So many fencing!

Well done to all our club members who competed last weekend in the state tournaments. The hall was ringing with the clash of Hills blades:

Aidan - Intermediate Epee
Angus - U11 Foil
Ben - Intermediate Epee
Bohdi - U13 Foil
Byron - U13 Foil
Darcy - 1st, U13 Foil
Eleni - 3rd, Youth Intermediate Foil
Elsie - U11 Foil
Emerson - 1st, Novice Foil; 3rd, Intermediate Foil
Erwin - 1st, Intermediate Foil; Intermediate Epee
Felix - U11 Foil; U13 Foil
Henry - U13 Foil
Jackie - Novice Foil
James - U13 Foil
Nalin - 1st, Youth Intermediate; 2nd, Intermediate Foil
Oscar - 3rd, U13 Foil
Roshan - 2nd, Youth Intermediate Foil

Special commendations to Elsie, Emerson, Felix, and James for completing their first ever state comps, and a standing ovation to Hugo - too unwell to fence but came anyhow just to cheer on his clubmates!