Tuesday, 26 April 2016

End of term Report

Term 01 ~ 2016

Congratulations to our current club champions:
Oscar W. - Jnr Foil
Byron B. - Intermediate Foil (M)
Eleni O. - Intermediate Foil (F)
Henry H. - Senior Epee
Nick B. - Senior Foil
Honourable mentions also to Darcy & Sugar, for their excellent work in the finals of the Int. Foil - both matches were long and well fought, finishing 10/9.
I would also like to point out that we had 14 participants in the Snr Epee competition; attendance equivalent to the last FSA state epee tournament!
Addendum: Congratulations to Henry H. who made 8th in the Men's Epee at the recent U23 Australian Championships.
This is particularly impressive as he seeded 26th out of the pools but defeated both 7th & 10th ranks to make the top 8 in the country!


There was a beginner's course run in the latter half of the term by Dov, Peter, and Henry. With a few of the graduates signing up for membership in the club; we welcome them to our humble academy.


The FSA Girls Development Initiative was run at four schools in our region by Dov and Henry: Aldgate, Bridgewater, Hills Montessori, and Waldorf. Well done to all the participants and staff for bringing this sport to your school.


The club is upgrading some of it's equipment; there will be new gloves arriving in the next month!
However we would specifically like to applaud all our current members who are investing in their own gear, and a special thanks those of you who have donated items to the armoury.

Term 2 reconvenes on Thursday 5th May.