Monday, 25 January 2016

Hi all,
Welcome to 2016! We trust you have had a happy and safe break.

The club will be re-opening for training on Thursday 4th February, and there are a few things to note ahead of the fencing season resuming:

Membership due
Club membership fees are due for all members!
$300 for the year or $100 per term, and $50 for Associate Members (those who are full members of another club).
Membership forms are available for download here, which everyone needs to complete.

Fees can be paid by cash when you come in to the club, but we REALLY prefer if you can pay by EFT beforehand.

Police Credit Union
BSB : 805005
Account Number : 5216373
Account Name : Adelaide Hills Fencing Club
NOTE! Ensure your surname & initial are referenced clearly for validity of online transactions. Please provide a printout of your payment confirmation.

Fencing SA Affiliation
All fencers must be affiliated with the state body. Those of you who have been registered previously should have received renewal notices from Fencing SA already, those who haven't can do so here:, via the Fencing SA website

Please print your confirmation and bring it with you on your first attendance.
If you are unsure which category you should be registering for, club secretary Rebecca will attend during the first 3 weeks to assist.

Appropriate Attire

Yes, it's still summer and it's hot, but fencers must wear long pants if they wish to play with swords, but hey, we're not cruel, t-shirts are fine. Also, covered shoes - preferably sneakers if you want to avoid inconveniences like plantar fasciitis in the future.
Also; water bottles - bring one!


It is preferred that parents stay to supervise their kids while at the club. If you are going to make drop off/pick up arrangements, make sure you discuss them with your child. Regardless of this, parents MUST sign their child in at the start of training.

Club Equipment

If you borrow club gear to take out of the club for competitions, make sure you write it down in the borrowing book, and then return it and sign it back in. If something is broken or not working, let someone know – don’t just put it back where you got it from. Things don’t get fixed that way!

Set Up & Pack Up

These should be shared by everyone – if you have fenced on a piste, you should help pack up somehow at the end of the night/when you leave. Senior fencers should be especially mindful of setting a good example for younger fencers.
Parents, if your child leaves clothes and things lying around at home, guaranteed they'll do it at the club.

Use of Club Space

Non-fencers have a designated 'safe zone' on the stage and in the kitchen. Any swordplay in these areas is strictly forbidden.
The storage room is out of bounds for all children.
Once bouting starts, coaches are usually giving private lessons in the North(Western) end of the gym. Fencers must be aware of coaches and the lines of their lessons.
Younger children (e.g. non-fencing siblings) must be supervised at all times.

So bleach your whites & polish your swords and we'll see you next week!

The AHFC crew.