Wednesday, 12 August 2015

AHFC Newsletter

1. Beginner's Course
2. Recent Achievements
3. Callington Show
4. The AHFC Movie
5. Accountant Wanted
6. Friendly Advice


The AHFC is running another Beginner's Course this term. It's not full yet, so if you know of anyone who should be doing this cool thing called fencing, get them to email the club.
The course starts next Wednesday the 19th of August, so grab them quick!

Congratulations to all our junior fencers who have been doing so well in recent competitions - you may well have seen your name in the local paper!
A particular commendation to the School Teams League fencers. Our two teams have been doing SUPER excellently; the Junior Boys team dominating the field undefeated; and the Girls team in equal first place with only a couple of matches to go!

The AHFC have been asked to do a demo at the Callington Show on October 25th; we will be doing two teams matches during the day, junior foil and senior epee. Please contact Dov to secure your place on a team.
Participants get free entry to the show for the day, and the opportunity to look awesome and fencey.

We are applying for the Holden Home Ground Advantage grant in the next few weeks. Part of the requirements is a short video of the club. If you've got a great idea to showcase the club, film it! As an added incentive; if our application is successful, the director gets FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 2016!

Finally, the club is looking for an accountant to do a tax return and an audit, gratis of course! If any members (or member's parents) have special accountancy juju, and are able to donate a few hours to the club, we'd love to hear from you.

Parry first; THEN Riposte!