Friday, 17 July 2015

AHFC Newsletter

1. Club re-opening
2. Up-coming comps
3. Beginner course
4. AFC 3


1. Term 3 starts next Thursday, 23rd July! Woohoo!
Kids classes for Term 3 will begin at 18:00 as usual, adults at 19:30

Term fees can be paid as of now, cash at the club, or by EFT.

Please make the message/reference “T3 [surname]”

Also, if you haven't done it yet, remember to pay your annual Fencing SA registration HERE.

2. Up-coming state comps:
A) There are comps on this weekend, if you want to compete then email You must have your own gear for these comps, as the club is not open to get any for you!

Sunday 19th July
    10:00 Open Foil
    10:30 Veteran Epee
    13:00 Open Epee
    13:30 Veteran Foil
    14:00 Open Sabre

We strongly encourage our younger fencers to enter the Under 11 and Under 13 comps! They are good fun and competitions are the best way to put what you learn at the club into practice. Speak to Dov about borrowing club gear.

25th July - Saturday
    14:00 Novice Foil
    14:30 Youth Intermediate Foil
26th July - Sunday
    10:00 U13 Foil
    10:45 Intermediate Foil
    12:00 U11 Foil
    12:30 Intermediate Epee

3. We have a beginner course starting in a few weeks! 6 week introductory course, starting Wednesday 19th August, 18:00-19:20.
Know anyone who is interested? Get them to shoot me an email!

4. AFC 3 (including U23 Sabre) is on in Melbourne, August 28-30. Entries are not open online yet but will be here:

Happy fencing, see you next week!