Tuesday, 17 February 2015

AHFC Newsletter

1. Uraidla Show

2. Annual General Meeting
3. Beginners Course
4. Club Membership
5. Fencing SA affiliation

6. State competitions

7. AFC 1

8. Club merchandise

9. Sports vouchers


1. This weekend is the Uraidla show. AHFC have a stall and some free tickets for those willing to help out. Juniors wanted for demonstration fencing, seniors wanted for spruiking & supervision. Speak to Sarah on thursday night for further details and equipment loan.
As an added incentive, Dov will be donning the black jacket of doom and giving away free private lessons to any club member on the day!

2. The club's Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for 25th February at 7pm at the Stanley Bridge Tavern, Verdun.
Come and join the coup to knock the despotic president from his panda pelt clad golden throne, and curtail his iron-fisted rule; or maybe just help steer this mighty powerhouse club to future glory!
 All positions are open for nomination.

3. The club is running a beginners course on Wednesday nights starting 4th of March. Only $50 for 6 weeks.
Who wants more novices in the club they can beat? All of you of course! So spread the word. Bookings can be made by email: adelaidehillsfencingclub@gmail.com

4. Don’t forget - club membership due by the end of this week. 
Overdue accounts will be settled on the field at dawn!
(AND you'll STILL have to pay regardless of injury or death)
$300 for the year, $100 for the term. Form is available here, and we also have copies at the club.

5. Fencers must affiliate with Fencing SA for the year if they want to compete at any level. Now fully automated & online! Do it here.
you need to be affiliated at least one week before a competition, but can upgrade from registration to licence on the day of a competition. If you are competing at U15 or higher (older) or plan on entering any national competitions, you will need to be Fully Licenced.
 The club insists that all fencers be registered ($30) at least.


6. The club calendar page is up to date with the 2015 FSA timetable; we strongly urge all members to compete - speak to Dov or Spud on Thursday night if you are unsure which category you should be entering.


7. Entries are open for AFC 1, the first open national comp of the year!  This also incorporates the national U23 Epee championships. Note that the new safety standards for masks apply to this comp (i.e. the new Leon Paul bib strap rule). Entries close Friday 27 March. Timetable here.

8. We still have some lovely club socks available. Mostly kids sized; get yours soon and represent the club at state comps! $15/pair.

9. The State Government has a new initiative for primary school students this year, called Sports Vouchers. If you have a child attending primary school you should have received information about this from the school. You will be able to redeem it for membership, or term class fees TBC. 

Happy fencing!