Thursday, 22 January 2015

AHFC Newsletter

Welcome to the new year of fencing with the Adelaide Hills Fencing Club.

The club will reconvene next week on Wednesday 28th January.

Please make note of the changes in schedule for this year:
ALL club members to attend on Thursdays
18:00-19:00 Junior Epée
18:30-20:00 Junior Foil
19:30-Close Senior Training/Free fencing
Wednesdays (18:00-19:00) will be reserved for beginner courses and the Schools Teams training.
One piste will be available on this night for free fencing for members with their own equipment.

Membership fees will be due at the commencement of term, or you could shock the heck out of us and pay them before we begin!

FencingSA Registrations & Licensing are now done online. If you have not received an email with a username/password, please visit this page and choose New Registration:
NOTE: Competition categories have changed, the most notable being that the Intermediate class now only requires registration (which is cheaper!), please read the eligibility notes carefully.

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting at the end of February. All positions will be up for grabs! Have a think about what role you would like to play in the club. Agenda items can be put forward to