Tuesday, 4 November 2014

AHFC in the Stirling Xmas Pageant

Calling ALL members!

The AHFC have a place in the Stirling Christmas Pageant on Sunday 16thNovember. It is very important for the club to make a strong appearance at this event, to attract new members. We would like as many of our fencers (especially our juniors) to attend.

How many times have you proudly mentioned that you or your child practices fencing, only to hear the reply:
"Oh! I didn't even know we had fencing here in...
...The Hills."
Events like this are what improves a club's presence, and keep it's membership vibrant.

Here is the thing. It really is up to all members to make it happen. Sure, you could let the same four people who do everything do this as well, but that would be dishonourable and look crummy on the day as well...

The Club storeroom will be open on the morning of the pageant from 09:30 until 10:00 sharp to collect uniforms and masks, then we shall drive on from there to Stirling to take our place in the parade. After the pageant, equipment can be left with Dov to return to the club.
Senior fencers that own full kit should wear it, and bring one working weapon for the purpose of demonstration.
 If you are tired of fencing the same crew every week; if you want better resources at the club; if you feel like more people should know about this magnificent sport - then you need to be part of the parade!

Also - Official pageant safety and route information here!