Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hi all,
We hope you're enjoying the break.
If however, you're missing your weekly dose of swordplay, come to this fun event:

This Saturday ASC is running the second Sam Blackman Memorial* Tournament (* he's not dead, just moved to Sydney and fencing sabre. So dead to us). 

Kick off 11:30am at Adelaide Swords Club, North Adelaide Primary School. Tynte St. 
Entry is free! Fencers do not need to be affiliated with Fencing SA. We prefer that fencers bring their own gear (preferably FIE) but can also provide if needed. 

Comp format is one-touch epee round robin. Comp will be followed by lunch at a local North Adelaide pub. Click here for the Facebook event.
 If anyone needs to borrow some club gear, contact Dov before saturday and arrange to meet at the AHFC in the morning before he goes down to stab our friends at Adelaide Swords Club! You may even be able to organise a ride...

Also, anyone wishing to fence in the Open or Veteran events on the 11th & 12th need to register NOW with

Thank you,
Keep calm and parry riposte!