Thursday, 7 August 2014

Junior National Championships

Bruce Oerman is organising the team for Junior National Championships!

Some flights and rooms have been organised but people need to confirm by Monday 11 Aug so numbers can be finalised.

The flights I can book are:
26/9/14 18:30- 21:25 VA 1405 Adelaide to Brisbane
30/9/14 19:15 - 21:35 VA 1404 Brisbane to Adelaide

Cost is $390

The accommodation is in twin rooms at $110 per night for 4 nights.
This is $55 if you can share.

As the accommodation is near the venue we will taxi to and from the airport but there shouldn't be any other transport costs.
You will be responsible for all meals and other costs.

Flights, accommodation and taxi should be around $630 per person.