Monday, 17 February 2014

Sausages & Hardware!

AHFC has been lucky enough to be allocated a "sausage sizzle" fundraising slot at Bunnings, Mt Barker. Sausages in bread!

We need cheerful purveyors of sausage on the stall from 9-5 on Sunday the 2nd of March. Don't miss this fun opportunity to assist your club.
Free sausages in bread for active participants!

Please help if you can. Volunteers are eligible for a very special limited edition AHFC tshirt to impress their friends with. Friends and family welcome..... Roster will be available during trainings.

Also, we have been offered the opportunity to provide a fencing demonstration within the store itself! No other sporting club has been given this opportunity, and will be a magnificent boost for the club's image.
Full length piste!
High exposure glory!
Traditional mezzanine duelling!
People willing to come and fence will receive free sausages in bread!

Please email ASAP if you are able to lend a hand for all or part of the day: