Thursday, 16 January 2014

Welcome everyone to the new year of fencing at the Adelaide Hills Fencing Club.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing you all again at the club, and eagerly anticipate a fine year of exciting swordplay in 2014.
The annual general meeting (held at the end of last year) brought with it some changes which we believe will benefit you, our fencers, and the club as a whole.

For starters, we have a few new board members:
Dov Spinks - returning as club President & Armourer.
Peter Mayer - Records, Tomes, & Grimoires.
Rebecca Cowling - Secretary in part.
P. Mayer & Sarah Lucy - Treasury Duumvirate.
S. Lucy - Fundraising Supremo.
Jayde Deverson - Minister for Media, Promotions, and Spin.
Henry Hondros - Webmaster.
Dorothy Thomas - Competitions Co-ordinator.

Next are the changes in training schedules:
The Junior & Senior training nights have SWAPPED. The new club times are as follows;
18:30-19:30 – Junior Training
19:30-20:30 – Free Fencing
18:30-19:30 – Women's Session
19:30-20:30 – Senior Training
20:30-21:30 – Free Fencing
This will assist our juniors who compete in the Schools Teams League with a non-conflicted training schedule, and also our senior fencers, as it will allow a stronger cross-collaboration with the Adelaide Swords Club. Training will recommence for seniors on Thursday 23rd of January and the Juniors will recommence the week after on Wednesday 29th of January.

Finally, it was decided to increase our club fees:
Annual membership - $300
Quarterly membership - $100
Casual Nightly rate - $15
Additionally, there is now an Associate Membership of $40pa.
To be an Associate Member, membership at another club is prerequisite, and a visitors fee upon each incidence of attendance.

Once again, we look forward to seeing you all soon; and may the forthcoming year bring with it the skill, honour, and glory of the sword for us all!

Kind regards,
Dov Spinks
President, Adelaide Hills Fencing Club.