Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Movie Night!

Just a quick reminder to all club members that this Saturday is the AHFC Movie Night Fundraiser.

It should be a great night, featuring 'The Duellists', Ridley Scott's first feature film, a lavish period drama set during the Napoleonic era.
There will be fine wines from Nepenthe & Geoff Hardy, and exquisite cheese platters with organic cheeses from B.-d. Farms Paris Creek, and fresh quince paste made by our own Dr. Sarah! There will also be tea, coffee, and special dessert yoghurts, also from B.-d. Farms.
A door prize is on offer, and there is also a silent auction with fencing gear, juggling lessons, and other awesome stuff.

Our humble club relies on these fundraisers to make it through each year. If only half of you can make it, we'll break even, If the other half can get a friend to come instead then we keep our coach! If everyone brings a friend who brings a friend then we can marvel at the success of the night and I can stop fretting about the club coffers!

See you on saturday night!