Monday, 4 March 2013

As requested by Nick Pittman, President of FencingSA:
Ten people to complete this Office of Recreation & Sport survey. We already have two members agreed to it (takes about 10 minutes, apparently). Surely eight more of us can spare 10 minutes, right?
Basically, the more results from the fencing community that ORS receives equals a larger slice of government funding, which will trickle down to us.
Participants need to supply email & phone number.
Please send expressions of interest to
His original email is quoted below.
Hi All
This email is being sent to you because you are Affiliated Clubs
The ORS is conducting a major review of sport through its 360o Survey.
You will all be nominated as Affiliated Clubs. What we need from you is a minimal of two members to represent you in this Survey. Also we are looking for input of non members eg volunteers, parents, coaches and ex fencers. The bigger the cross section the better the representation of our sport.You will need to supply each nominees email and phone number. This Survey is important and may have a bearing on future club funding, I would ask you to reply by the end of the week so we can get this information tabulated as quckly as possible.
Thanks Everybody
Nick Pittman