Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Nominations needed for this event - Hills students did rather well last year, and it would be a shame not to enter again.
Here is an excerpt from the press release:
In 2012 Fencing SA is running the 2nd Annual School Team Foil League. The League is open to teams of foil fencers from any of the clubs or after-school programs that are run state-wide. All fencers must be attending primary or secondary school. 
Fencing SA is now calling for registrations from teams to participate in the League. Teams are made up of a minimum of three fencers, and can be mixed gender and age (to a limit – full details at the club). There is no maximum number of fencers that can be registered to a team, but only three fencers are required to fence in a match on any given night. Fencers can only be registered to one team. 
Being part of a team requires a commitment to attend competitions on Thursday evenings, with matches starting at 7pm and 8pm (AHFC will get preference for the earlier timeslot), and attending as many training sessions as your team needs. The matches will be held at Scotch College, Torrens Park. Fencing attire and equipment will be provided for fencers who do not have their own. Fencers must wear long pants/breeches, long socks and sneakers (plus whatever they choose to wear on their top half!).
Team entries are due with Fencing SA by 5pm Friday 11th May (Week 3, Term 2), with an aim to have the first matches on Thursday 31st May (Week 6 Term 2). Any queries, please don't hesitate to ask Dorothy (secretary) or Dov (president).