Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Last thursday I went to Charles Sturt Fencing Club.
Great setup: four permanent pistes in a ye-olde-style wooden floored upstairs salle, very authentic!
Had a great time there - ended up fencing TEN consecutive epee bouts to 15 with a chap named John. Think about that - a 150 point bout!

Chatting in the lounge area afterwards with Shayne (club captain) he mentioned the Charles Sturt Novice Challenge this weekend.
I heartily recommend our novices try to make it to this event, as it's a chance to experience a little tournament before the FencingSA novice competition the weekend after.
CSFC have a good range of novice foilists, both adult and child, so it would be great to give them a go!

If anybody wishes to attend & needs to borrow club equipment please contact adelaidehillsfencingclub@gmail.com ASAP to arrange it.